Saturday, June 23, 2012

Smart Fishes

Whenever someone I just met hears I have two little boys, they always say something like, "Wow, that's got to keep you busy."  And it does, but I feel like they are imagining little daredevils swinging from the chandeliers.  My boys are not like that.  They are careful.  They don't take risks.  They don't like roller coasters.  They do not swing from the monkey bars.

So, I'm pretty sure that my three year old, Lev sees the pool as a shark infested death trap.  I couldn't even get him to come off the steps if I held him in my arms.  We needed professional help, so I have enrolled them in swimming lessons. 

The swim teacher, tapping into those young imaginations, told Lev that he needed to "talk to the fishes" by blowing bubbles into the water.  Then she told him he needed to "listen to the fishes" by putting his ear in the water.  Lev obeyed.  When the teacher asked him what the fishes said to him - he saw an opportunity.  He said, "The fishes say Lev stays on the top step."  Apparently the fishes in that pool at least, saw the world Lev's way.   

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